Irina Krasnopolskaya

Słowa kluczowe:
non-profit organisations, Russia, government – non-profit relations, statistical information, financial support


The status of the Russian non-profit sector and government – non-profit relations: a brief overview


Despite Russia’s widespread reputation as a uniformly hostile environment for non-profit organisations, this article documents the government’s ambivalent approach towards the sector and discusses the variety of the non-profit organisations’ social  background. The Russian government follows two opposing strategies: while  suppressing independent and potentially critical NPOs in general, at the same time it  collaborates with those that operate in line with the government priorities. The  government policies have had a negative impact on the development of the non-profit sector by creating divisions between different types of NPOs. The article presents some facts and figures concerning the non-profit sector and discusses its external  institutional context, including the sector size and the scope of financial support for non-profit organisations.

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